Today’s pandemic realities have significantly affected the workflow in almost all companies. Working remotely from home has become a major challenge for many of us. The ability to quickly set up a meeting while in the kitchen or convince family members and pets to remain quiet during an important call have become some of the key success components worth mentioning on a resume

In this article, we would like to share popular tools that can make online calls more convenient, as well as our own tool to make your life much easier in this new telework environment.

A few words about us

Our company VisionSystems

The Basics of Machine Learning in 10 minutes: a summary of the course from Andrew Ng — a Stanford professor, co-founder of the Coursera platform, co-founder of Google Brain, and Vice president of Baidu from VisionSystems developers.

How to complete a month-long course in artificial intelligence (AI) in 10 minutes?

My name is Maxim Savchenko, I am the founder of the company that deals with computer vision. We create complete products based on machine learning, thus sitting on two chairs of competencies: product and technology. It is important for us that customers also understand the full value of ML and all the limitations. To do this, it will be enough to read our short version of the monthly course from Andrew Ng on machine learning. We have completed this course ourselves and recommend that you complete it…

Maxim Savchenko

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